Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some more great news....

Yesterday Jody and I received an invitation to present our ministry to a church in Lake Oswego in a few weeks. We are excited and also nervous. Please keep this in your prayers!! We'll keep you updated with more details as the date gets closer.

YAY! Pastor Frank is coming!!

Well, after three weeks of trying to contact Pastor Frank by phone, I have finally made contact! (Note to the previous blog...just because there is technology doesn't mean it always works! :-)

Pastor is in London, and is planning to visit us for a few weeks at the end of September. He will be bringing his lovely wife Cecilia. We are so excited! Pastor Frank is the best example of a New Testament Apostle that I have ever seen. He is a humble servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, and having him in our lives and in our home is such a blessing.

The kids are really excited about it! They Love Pastor Frank! He is a great African Papa to them. For Malachi there is usually a hidden agenda. See, Pastor visiting usually means he gets to sleep in our bed. Little does he know that this time they'll be sleeping in the family room. Malachi will be so disappointed. ;-)

The timing of their visit is great, as we will be able to finalize details of our trip and spend time in prayer together about it.

YAY! I can't wait!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Staying in touch is so easy....

When I was in college, my Missionary Life Professor said that the saving grace for his wife while overseas was email. He said that being able to communicate easily with family and friends helped her adjust better, and curbed the affects of culture shock.

That was 10 years ago when the wide spread use of email and the Internet was still fairly new. Today, third world countries not only have the Internet, but more and more have access to broadband, and it is quickly spreading into the rual areas.

Gone are the days of analog cell phones. Now with GSM, your cell phone will work practically anywhere in the world---given you have signed up for the right plan, that is.

If hearing your loved one's voice isn't enough, you can see their face while talking live with your web cam over the Internet.

Can't handle just a web cam? Gotta see them face to face?? If you have the cash and a passport on hand, you can get to practically anywhere in the world in 24 hours.

Technology has made it possible for missionaries to stay connected with their family, something that was nearly impossible 100 years ago.

Back then, when you answered the call to be a missionary, you would say good bye to your family (sometimes forever), get on a boat, and make the long journey (often taking several weeks) to a foreign country. Your only connection to family or support of any type was the mail, and sometimes even that was not available.

I really admire those missionaries. What courage and faith to truly lay it all down. Not sure if I could do that....but I guess with God's grace anything is possible. Even so, I give thanks that I live in this era of technology.

I believe that my professor was right. I think today's technology will be my kid's saving grace. They will be able to stay connected with their world back home. It is my prayer that this will help them ease into their new life (even just for 2 months) and curb their culture shock...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So, I just signed up for Skype. It's an online phone/video phone. It's free to download and free to call other skype members. Providing we have access to an internet connection (which may mean weekly trips to an internet cafe) this is how we will keep in contact with people while in Ghana. So, if you wanna call us while we're there, check it out.
our user ID is: jsroscoe

Monday, August 18, 2008


Hallelujah!!!! Our July newsletters are finally ALL done! (Yes, I know it is August 18th) NEVER AGAIN will I attempt such a feat; I'm leaving it up to the professionals! :-)

Everyone will get a newsletter in the mail. If you don't, it means we couldn't find your address. We would like to get as many people on the email list as possible, to cut down on postage. So, if you would prefer to receive future newsletters by email, please let us know. You can email me your email address and I will put it on the list.

A quick prayer note regarding the kids school. We are homeschoolers. We homeschool for two reasons. 1--I want the priveledge of teaching my kids. It is a decision made with much prayer, and one that is very important to us. 2--We are missionaries, and homeschooling fits that well!

Now, Daughter is supposed to be going into Kindergarden this year, but she is actually nearly finished with kindergarden (she would have finished in June if we would have done school full time last year). She will be done before Christmas. She is so smart and is breezing through the curriculum. She knows all her letters and sounds, and can read small sentences. She can do simple addition and subtraction. She can write all her numbers and letters, big and small (altough she is still prefering capitals over lower case) and can write sentences on her own phonetically. She can also write them properly if you verbally tell her how to spell. Yes, I am bragging for a moment, but I am just so proud of my little girl!

Son has also been doing kindergarden with us (although if you ask him, he will tell you he is in 6th grade), and had been keeping up quite well. He recognizes most letters, and knows most sounds. He can write some capital letters and some numbers. He recognizes most numbers, and can count to 20 on his own.

We have been using ACE/School of Tomorrow (love it!). I found out today that they have a missionary program. If our application is approved, they will help pay for the majority of the materials. We missed the Fall cut off, but we can apply for the Winter semester. This would work out well, as Daughter will be ready for first grade at that time. (Son will remain in Kindergarden for another year). Please pray for favor with this application!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

God's Will, Agreement and Alignment

Today's message---the whole series of the past few weeks has been awesome. Pastor (aka Dad) has been preaching on the Will of God, Agreement and Alignment. It has really challenged me ask the Holy Spirit to examine me, and show me the areas of my life that are out of line, and those areas that I need to come into agreement with God about.

Durning Cleansing Streams (a class on deliverance) in college we learned about proper alignment, authority, and submission. There was a simple prayer that was taught that I used to say daily. I have gotten out of the habit, but was remined today how powerful and important those words and the action behind them are.

Lord, I choose to walk in agreement and alingment with You and Your Will today. I choose to be yoked with you. Show me those things that would keep me from being in agreement and alignment with you. I recognize that I am dependant on your grace and strength in order to do this. In the Name of Jesus, I command my body to submit to my soul, my soul to submit to my spirit, and my spirit submit to the Spirit of God. AMEN!

If you want to hear these messages click here. If the series is not here yet, it will be soon.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It is HOT outside!!!

Whew! Is it HOT!!! Yesterday and today was in the high 90s. I love our new home (we moved in January) except for one thing---no central air! :-(

To escape the heat, we spent the day at the river. It was crowded, but really nice and cool. The kids had a great time, but were so tired when we got home that they didn't even protest going to bed!

While on the way to the river, we stopped for gas. Jody went in to pay and get some drinks Daughter was whining about the heat, and asking for the air to be turned up. I told her, "Daughter, this is how it feels in Africa." She said, "It does!?!" I said, "yep!" Son said "but Summer is almost over." I said "Summer is never over in Africa. There it is summer all the time." He said "WHAT! No winter, no spring!" I said, "nope. Its always hot. Sometimes it rains alot, and they call that the rainy season, but it is still hot, even when it rains." Daughter said "ohhh man!" .....I sure hope they adjust to the heat and humidity quickly. Goodness knows, I never did....

A few prayer requests, and a small blessing. I have been looking for a good computer backpack that is sturdy and meets the second carryon size limitations. I want something that is not going to fall apart---I am really hard on bags, and tend to over stuff! So, this has not been an easy task without paying a lot of money.

Well, on a whim I went to Office Max to check out a bag that I found on the internet. That bag wasnt there. I found one I liked, but didnt get it because of the price. I turned around and there was a clearance table. On that table was a bag, nicer than the one I chose, on clearance for $18.00 (originally $60.00). I just love God's provision and blessing. I love it when He shows us that he cares about the little things we care about.

Prayer requests... December 7th is election day in Ghana. Ghana has been "coup free" and peaceful since 1981, but in it's 51 years of independance has actually only had one smooth, democratic, leadership transition. This was in 2001 from their former president to current president. Let us pray for PEACE, and that God's man would be elected, and that the transition would happen PEACEFULLY.

Secondly, please pray that ticket prices would go down, and that God would show us the exact dates to leave and return. Right now we are looking at 12/29- 2/27 or 2/28. This is diffrent from our original plan, which was mid January to mid March. Due to a VERY happy occasion, we are pushing our trip up. My sister is pregnant--A VERY BIG ANSWER TO PRAYER and my niece/nephew will be here at the end of February. Also, our annual men's retreat was pushed up to the first weekend in March, and it is very important to Jody to be back for that.

So, the return date we feel good about, it is the departure date that makes me uneasy. See, we have promised to go to SC for Christmas this year (since married in 2000 we have not spent a Christmas in SC, always due to money and ticket prices. Those same two issues are threatening our trip this year, too. Please pray for that as well!) We would be returning from SC on the 26th, and that is a little too close for comfort!

You may say, just pick a later date---not that easy. So far we have ran into one of two things: later dates (even one day later) are either much more expensive or do not offer a direct flight from Portland to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam to Accra. Some flights had up to four connections! Not something I want to do with two kids, plus, the more connections you have, the more opportunity there is for lost luggage!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We're Done!!

YaY!! We are all done with shots....well, maybe.....

Yesterday we all got all the necessary shots, the most important being yellow feaver, which you need to get a visa. Both kids did great! Son cried, but didn't freak out. He was a very brave boy! Daughter was very brave as well. We had a great nurse, who was very good at her job. The shots were pretty much painless.

After the shots, both kids got to pick out a prize at Target. Son chose IronMan and Daughter picked art stuff. She is so creative!!

So, as far as shots go, we are all done, with the exception of a possible flu shot this winter.

However, please pray for us! We have a decision to make about the Rabies vaccination. Jody and I have gone back and forth about it for awhile, in regards to the kids. Rabies has been a recommended vaccination since my first trip to Ghana back in '97. Neither of us have received it because it is very expensive, and we are not working with animals. But, kids tend to be more at risk since they are more likely to play with animals.

If you get the vaccination, you would still need treatment in the event of a bite, but it gives you more time, and the treatment is diffrent, more safe, and more available. However, the vaccination is a 3 shot series, and the total cost is $775 per person! If you dont get the vaccination and you get bit, you must be treated immediatly, and the treatment is hard to come by overseas, and the side affects are much more dangerous. Plus, it can cost up to $6000.00.

It may seem like a no brainer, but we really are not sure which way to go. First, that is $1500 that we didn't budget for. Second, that is three more shots for two kids that have already had 7 shots/vaccinations this year. Thirdly, there is a shortage of the vaccination in the US, so we may not be able to get it anyway! So, do we not do it and trust God for protection, or do we find a way to make it happen? Please pray that God would give us wisdom for this decision. We have until November to decide.

On another note, yesterday was a hard day for Son and I was reminded of how much our kids need His grace for what we are about to do. Oddly, Daughter seems to be embracing this big change really well. Usually, she is the one more resistant to change.

However, Son is not as excited. A big part of that was the shots. That was a really big deal for him. Since he HATES them. He has been saying "I dont want to go to Africa, because I dont want shots." But, yesterday afternoon, he just broke down crying. "I dont want to go to Africa and live in a diffrent house! What will we do there? I dont want other kids playing with my toys." It broke my heart. How scary this must be for him. And what can I do about it? I know that God has called us---our family---and I know he will be with our kids and give them peace, but as a mom, I just want to make it all better. I held him and we talked about why we are going (to tell people about Jesus), and that he would have lots of friends his age to play soccer with, and that he could keep his special toys inside. My comfort was doing nothing for him, but daddy saved the day by coming home with a Slurpee at that exact moment.

Even though yesterday was a bad day, there are good days when I see that they, too, share in the burden God has given us. They will talk to eachother and to their friend about how the kids there dont know about Jesus, and we have to tell them. Sometimes they will bring me a toy or a shirt and say, can we bring this to Africa to give to the kids that dont have any? I am so proud of them, and I cannot wait to see how God uses them to minister His love to the kids over there.