Thursday, July 9, 2009

US President set to visit Ghana

While we were in Ghana, we taught some jr high classes. During one of the classes, we had an open Q&A. Almost immediatly, all of the kids began asking about our newly elected president. They were quite mezmerized with the fact that an Africa had been elected president of the USA. Infact, that is the ONLY thing they actually knew about him; that he is from Kenya (well, his dad is, but to them, that means he is) and that he is the first black President of the USA.

They were quite disappointed when they asked if I voted for him and my answer was a big huge NO!!!!! I explained to them that, even though I was proud of the progress our country had made in electing our first black president, politically our views are quite opposite, and that I do not agree with him on most issues.

Never the less, this man is a huge hero to them; a status that he is cementing by visiting their country. This is a huge honor for Ghana. Although I am not thrilled with anything Obama, I do wish that I were there to witness the excitement of his visit first hand. Ghanaians are going all out to show their respect and support for this man that to them represents ultimate success.

Here is a little preview of the preparations taking place...