Monday, September 29, 2008

So much going on....

There are so many things I wanted to tell you all about that I don't know where to start....

I guess I will start with a silly story. I must preface it by saying that Pastor Frank and Cecilia arrived Wednesday evening and we are having a great visit with them.

Today the two of them went to the MFI concert, which is held at a hotel, so they will stay there for a few nights. The kids and I took them there today, and on our way Son fell asleep. So, as Pastor Frank is inside registering, Cecilia and us were waiting in the car. I see Cecilia swat at something, and I asked "Is there a bug?" She said "yes" A few seconds later, Daughter says "Mom, there's a bug back here. Mom, there's a really big bug back here!" I open the slide door, and a small flying bug goes out. As it does,Daughter makes a very paniced whiney sound. Cecilia just busts out laughing. She says, "that tiny bug. In Africa big bugs (using hand motions to make her point)!" Daughter's eyes get real big and she says, very seriously, "I do not like bugs!" Oh, what an adventure she is going to have!!!

Last Sunday our church took a special offering for us. We want to say THANK YOU!!! We are so proud of our church family. PHC...we love you, and thank you. Thank you, also to all of you who have been supporting us. We praise God and thank Him for you.

We have been working with two numbers of what we need to raise. $11,000 is for our trip, for which all donations have been going. It covers the airfare, travel insurance, expenses while in ghana, visas, passports, etc... We are almost there. We have $3077.00 left to go!!

The second number is what we need personally to cover our regular living expenses while we are gone. Funny, the landlord wants the rent if you're home or not! :-) Jody has been working alot of extra hours, and I have been cleaning as many apartments as come my way. We have $3547.00 left to go. Last year, Jody was able to pick up alot of extra work during the fall months, so we are praying for a repeat year.

We purchased our tickets this week!!! WOW what a good feeling!!! With Frank here we were able to sit down and find some dates that work for both of us and have a good fare with only one connection. So, our dates will be: January 8, 2009 to March 5, 2009. We fly directly to Amsterdam (10 hour flight!) and then to Accra (7 hour flight). Then it's a 4 hour bus ride to Kumasi. BUT for the sake of our babies, we're going to say the night in Accra and save the drive for the morning.

I am really getting excited. We are about to begin a new chapter. It is so awesome. We don't know what the future holds (I mean, do we ever??), but just knowing that we are moving forward is indescribably awesome.

We have been spending alot of time talking about the Canaan Life Project with Frank. CLP has been in his heart for many years. We have been praying with him about it for the past two. The more we talk about it the more I see his heart, and the more excited I get about it. It is very practical. It is discipleship. It is seeing past the moments when the fire God falls into the everyday challenges; it marries the two.

Jesus came to preach the good news to the poor. Salvation is the ultimate free gift. But we are whole persons, and Jesus cares about our whole life. He cares if we can feed our families. He wants us to prosper, and have a good life. Canaan Life seeks to teach people how to live for Him in all areas of life. To honor God with your work, your money, your relationships.

I want to see the fire fall. I love to see God move powerfully. I love to see people radically saved and set free. I love to see poeple healed. But, and the same time, I really love to see people disciples. That is the great commission. Duplicate yourself; multiply. AMEN!!

OK, changing the subject now, we are trying to sell our van. It is a good van, but we don't want a payment anymore. So, if you know anyone interested, let me know. Same goes for handyman and cleaning work. If you know anyone looking, send them our way. And, just a reminder, with the holidays coming, if you plan to buy anything of, go to our website first. and click on the link to amazon. We get a referral fee each time you buy via our website.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Yesterday was great!

Thanks to all of you who prayed for us yesterday. We had a great time worshipping with our friends at Lake Oswego Christian Center. What a great bunch of people!

Thank you, Lord for opening this door and connecting us with another group of believers. Amen.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Please Pray for Us Tomorrow!

We have been blessed with an opportunity to share our vision and trip plans with another local church tomorrow morning. This is the first time we have gone outside of our church family to speak about missions. We are a little nervous! But are very thankful that God has opened this door for us.

Please pray for us tomorrow morning. Please pray that God will show us clearly what to share, what to say. Please pray that the hearts of the people will be open to receive, and that they will give obediently.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

We're already half way there!

I can't believe nearly three months have passed since we first began preparing for our trip! Only three more short months and we'll be on our way. WOW! The time has really flown by!

There is still SO MUCH to do. I know that it will all get done, but sometimes it is quite overwhelming.

Although we we have only raise about a fourth of our total need, we are at the half way point for our tickets!! YAY! Prices have come down--praise the Lord--that really helps. And all of your guys' faithful giving has been awesome! THANK YOU!! God has also been providing us with side jobs, so we have been able to save some money, too.

Pastor Frank and his wife Cecilia will be with us Sept 24th-Oct 7. We can't wait!

Thursday, September 4, 2008 is up and running on the website.

Still working on getting it on the blog, but it is now working on the website. So, if you have some shopping to do at go to FIRST, then click on the links for That is all you have to do and we will get a referral fee of 4-15% of your total purchase price each and everytime you shop. So, spread the word! :-)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thank You, Seeking the Compass, and

First, Jody and I want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has given financially. It means so much to us. We are so blessed and humbled. Thank You.

Sunday's sermon on living by the Compass rather than a map really hit home. Pastor spoke about following God rather than the "road map" of methods/traditions. Road maps change, if the landscape changes and you are dependant on the map, you will be lost. A Compass is not dependant on landmarks. To listen to the whole sermon, visit
Jody and I dont want to go to Africa and do things the same old way. Nor do we want to try the latest and greatest method. We want God to move. We want to see the supernatural change people's lives. We want to raise up disciples. If we try in our own might, we will be dependant on a map. We want to be dependant on God, and follow His compass. This is our prayer "Lord, may we rely on you and not our own methods or understandings. Remind us when we start to pull out old maps to use the Compass instead. May we listen to your Voice and follow you. Keep us humble and dependant on you. May Your Will be done. May Your Kingdom come. AMEN"

In a few days, there will be a link here and at our website for If you follow that link, which will take you right to and make a purchase, Ask For the Nations will get a referral fee of 4-15% of your purchase. This works even if you buy something from a third party of (Like a used book from a private seller.) You don't have to enter a code or anything like that. All you have to do is instead of going directly to Go first to either this blog or our website, and click on the amazon link. That's it! Happy Shopping!! :-)