Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's been awhile, so a quick update.

Summer is almost over, and like all summers it has gone by way too quickly. We had a wonderful summer, but I am looking forward to fall and getting back into a routine.

I will be homeschooling again this year, so I have spent the last few weeks getting the house back in order and the school room cleaned out. The kids are very excited about school, so we decided to start this last Monday. Daughter will be in 1st/2nd grade this year, and Son will be in K/1st grade.

Jody's new business is going very well. God is faithful, and has truly blessed us. He has a steady client that he subcontracts for, and has been picking up several other small projects as well. We are very thankful.

My younger sister who lives with us left this week to attend a three month internship at IHOP in Kansas City, Mo. We miss her already, but are excited for her and this new adventure she is on.

We have had an amazing summer at church. God is doing great things, and fall is going to be even better. Our fall kick off service will be in two weeks, and we will be officially revealing our new church name---True Life Church. I like it. I am excited. I love our church! :-)

We keep in touch with Pastor Frank, by phone calls and even more so text messages. It can be a challenge calling into the country, and sometimes it just doesn't work, but strangly, text always go through. He is doing well, the church is doing well, but struggling financially, as the economy is not doing so great in Ghana right now.

I am looking forward to fall, and I know it is going to be a great season.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The need

I wanted share with you a blog from a missionary family that is based in Kumasi, and does work mainly in the upper east region. The upper region is within the boarders of the 10/40 window--part of the most unreach section of the world.

There are so many people that lack everyday necessities, like food and water. These same people have no idea that there is a Savior who loves them.