Friday, January 2, 2009


We serve an awesome God who is able to supply all our needs. Today He was my pill multiplier. :-)

The kids are taking anti malaria medication. It is not cheap. Their insurance covers it at no charge, which is awesome, but here is the clincher...they will only cover 2 pills a month per kid. They are supposed to take half a pill each week, so 2 pills is a month's worth. And you cannot fill it until 28 days have passed. It's kind of hard to fill a prescription while you're in another country. So I bought 4 more pills, which cost $50.00 like I said, not cheap stuff! That would get them through the trip and when we get home I can refill it for free to cover the 4 weeks after that they are supposed to take it.

Well, tonight I am looking at the calendar, and I realize that I am a week short. I need one more pill. I have one bottle left to open. It's supposed to have 4 pills in it. I pray, God, please, please provide another pill. We need one more pill.

There were 5 pills in the bottle. Sure, some may say the DR mis-counted, or slipped in an extra for good measure. NO! MY GOD, MY JEHOVAH, HE made provision for us! He put that pill there....don't know what means He used, and it doesn't matter. What matters is His Word is true.

I just love miracles! God is awesome.

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