Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm back!

OK, I am back to the world of blogging. I can't believe we have been home for nearly two months! My computer's power cord went kaput 3 weeks before going home, but I continued to journal and i typed it all out when we got home. So, I have finally edited and published it, something I meant to do about six weeks ago. So, there is that, and then some info from our Sunday presentation and then a video. I will get more pics up soon, too.

Since we have been home, a lot has happened. One thing that hasn't happend is a job for Jody. But, God has been so faithful. While we were away we prayed about what to do, knowing we were going into a bad economy. Our plan, we were going to persue getting our license and growing our small business, but Jody would also look for a job at the same time. Jody really loves working for himself, and is good at what he does. We are trying to get him fully licensed so he can do more on his own. We already have a registered small business, but you need a license to do handyman jobs larger than a few hundred dollars. (It takes about $600 upfront to get your licenses and bonds and all that.) Although he has applied for nearly 100 jobs now, nothing has opened up. However, he has remained busy doing small odd jobs. All of our needs have been met. God is so good.

I have NOT applied for any jobs, and I couldn't be happier about it. We felt so strongly that I should not work, other than helping Jody out from time to time. The most important thing I can do is be a mommy. That is why I got a "at home" job to begin with. It just kind of over took.... but moving on....I am enjoying being ONLY a full time mom and wife for the first time ever.
While we were gone, our house had a sunroom added on, and then another house attached to the sunroom. It was supposed to be done in Feb and my sister was going to move our stuff in for us before we got home. Well it was done but the other house was not, and so we had to wait on the insepction. In the meantime, we had a garage FULL of stuff. I spent the first few weeks home going through the whole house spring cleaning and purging junk. Something that was well overdue. Finally, we were able to move into our new room, and I finished the cleaning and purging project. Now everything is nice and organized. If only it would stay that way...

Other changes in our life: My sister has moved in with us. My kids think it's great and brag to all their friends that their auntie lives with them. I think its great to have someone else around who actually likes to cook and doesnt mind washing a dish once in a while.

I am loving being an auntie again. I already have two beautiful nieces and a handsome nephew, but they live all the way in SC, so I dont get to see them much. Elli is so beautiful, and sweet. She loves me the most :-) Well, she might love her mom more, but that's because she is dependant on her for food. ;-)

Our church has had some BIG changes since we have been home. We have been given a wonderful opportunity to merge with a church in Camas, Wa. So, we are now a bigger church with two locations. I am pretty excited about that.

We are working on getting a 'plan' for what to do next regarding Africa. In the mean time, we are going to get started on teh list of things we can do statewide for the canaan life project. Keep in touch for updates. First thing, a website dedicated to cannan life and all the projects involved with it.

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