Monday, June 29, 2009

A year ago...

A year ago, it became official that we would be going to Africa for at least two months, and the fundraising began. Because of your faithful giving, and God's provision, we made it! Our time in Africa was blessed. We saw many lives touched, as well as our own.

We have been home for nearly four months now...can't hardly believe it. Life is back to normal---better than normal! Jody is working for himself, and I am at home with our kids, not working!! :-) But, we miss Africa. We are all ready to go back.

We are praying and seeking God's direction as we make future plans, and hope to share those plans with all of you soon.

In the mean while, we are going to be focusing in on developing the Canaan Life Project state side, so tune in for details on that as well.

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