Monday, March 8, 2010

They are waiting.

This past weekend marks one year since we have returned from Ghana. We miss it more than words can say.

We miss our Ghanaian Family: Pastor Frank, Cecilia, Laura and Colin (Pastor Frank's daughter and son in law that we were just getting to know), Coby, and Clinton.

We miss Colin's brother who runs the little store across the street. He was teaching us Twi.

We miss Anointing, a young man who loves Jesus but struggles to live right. He is waiting for us. He needs a mentor.

We miss the chief and people of Ankaan who welcomed us into their village. They need a water reservoir so that they will no longer struggle to survive during the dry season. They are waiting for us to build it.

We miss the young lady whom our church helped buy a hair dryer. Her business has grown since then, she wants learn more about what the Word of God says about finances. She is waiting for us to teach her.

We miss the jr high kids we taught at Mother Smith School. We miss Aquia and Quedru. We miss Lucinda and her mom and dad.

We miss the lady who sold us our cell phone minutes every week. She doesn't know Jesus personally, yet.

We miss the people of Oda and Weneba and Dormaa. They are ready to learn more about God's Word and what it says about what it means to be blessed and walk in freedom from poverty. They are waiting for us, for the Canaan Life Project.

As I sit here, pondering the obstacles that have to be over come before we can return, my heart aches. Time is precious, and there isn't much left. I think about the finances needed, my inadequacies, and all the work it takes just to get there. I think about time that has passed since we have been there, and how much more time will pass before we can return. Each one of their faces come to mind. They are waiting. We told them we would return, and they are waiting. Will we come through on our promises to help?

The harvest is ready, but the workers are few. In a country with a population of 26 million, there is only 400 missionaries. Half of the people don't know Jesus. Many that do need further discipleship, teaching, and training. There are wonderful Christian leaders and they are doing an amazing job, but there simply isn't enough to go around.

We can not help every person in Ghana who needs it, but we can reach those who God has put in our path. There are specific people in Ghana that He wants us to minister to, and they are waiting.

Lord, I thank you that You are in control of all things. Nothing is a surprise or obstacle to you. Continue to prepare the way, provide the means, and open the doors. Protect my friends in Ghana. May they experience Your love in new ways each day. Send more workers. Prepare our hearts, continue to equip us so that we can minister to them adequately. Thank you, Jesus.

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