Thursday, February 16, 2012


It is finally happening! We are leaving for Ghana. Our ticket have been purchased. We head out March 20th.

We have a mandate to go to Ghana, and like never before everything is saying GO NOW. Jody hasn't landed long term construction project in awhile. The house we rent is being sold, and is priced to sell quickly. We have people requesting to visit us in Ghana, and projects waiting for us when we get there.

Our desire, what we know God wants us to do, is to live and minister in Ghana. Never have we felt we were to be part time or short term missionaries. Because of this we've held back, waiting for everything to be right. Waiting for all the pieces to be in place so we can go knowing it is "forever". However, there is an element of faith and trust required that "having all your ducks in a row" doesn't allow for. It seems,we are at that place. We've gotta choose to take the leap, and trust that God's got a plan, even if we don't.

So, we're gonna jump. We leave for Africa March 20th. We will stay for at lest six months. We are believing that during the next six months, God is going to make a way for us to stay more permanently.

Leaving with us on March 20th is our team member, Tesia. She has committed to a six month term. She will be ministering with us, and also teaching our children.

We're just a little over four weeks away from departure. We've got a lot to do, including move our entire home into storage! Please keep us in your prayers. Our team needs to raise $7,000 more to ensure we are fully finances for six months. If you would like to give, please click HERE for our address. You can also give online, HERE.

Thank you for all of your love and prayers and support that have gotten us to this place. The journey has just begun!!!

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