Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Little Blessings....

I love the little blessings of God. He is so good. Today I called to make an appointment for our vaccinations at the only clinic in town that does not charge for an office visit, only to find out that they do not vaccinate kids. Bummer. But they gave me the name of another clinic. Well, they do charge for their visit, but their vaccines are WAY cheaper! With the dr visit included it will cost us $60.oo less than the other clinic. God is good!

We also have recieved a HUGE blessing. Our sister church in Lathrop, Missouri has blessed us with $1000.00 toward out tickets. PRAISE THE LORD!!

Tomorrow the kids will get their Menegoccocial immunization at the dr office. My poor babies. I hate to see then poked. But I would rather them suffer a little pain now than alot of pain later! Please pray for them. Especially Son, because as we all know, he HATES shots!

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