Sunday, July 27, 2008


God is good. When you are in His will, He is faithful to provide for all your needs. One full month has gone by, and we have made quite a headway.

We have about 1/2 of the clothes we need (we have to buy things now, as it's pretty hard to find summer clothes in the middle of winter). We've been picking things up on clearance, and have ran into some really great deals!

We have the kids passports (they came back quickly!), and are scheduled for yellow fever shots this coming Thursday. Jody has been working really hard on a side job, and has made enough money to cover all the shots we have left. Thank you Lord for your provision!!

Money for ticket is slowly coming in as well. God is faithful, and I know that He will provide for all our needs.

There is one small set back....newsletters. I have been working on getting them out since June!! All the printing, addressing, stuffing and , envelope licking.....oh, it is not my favorite task! I was going to outsource it to the printers, but my loving sister said she would help, and she has been a great help, but the pile is still there.... Next month, they are going to the printers!

Meanwhile, "real life" goes on. Son had an appointment with the speech therapist this week. He has a slight speech impediment. His DR just wanted it checked out, to see if it would need therapy or work itself out as he gets older. Well, it turns out that my baby is an excellent talker! He is 4 yrs 2 months, and his speech is at the age of 5 yrs 4 months. The DR said there is no need for therapy and that he is very smart. She said that his language was advanced as well. She didn't do a language evaluation, because she said she could tell that he would score off the charts! I was very proud of him. I was also very proud of Daughter who sat quiet while brother got to answer all the questions. Something that I know was very hard for her to do. She is my little social butterfly and loves to talk. I could tell it was killing her not to be able to add her two cents!

Daughter and Son just finished Bible Soccer (Day) Camp. They had a blast!

We have our trailer up and are getting it all cleaned out and ready for this weekend's church camp out. We look forward to this trip all year. It's going to be great!

Work is in full swing for the seems the more I cut back, the more I get sucked back in....but that's OK....things will be back to normal in about six weeks.

Next week, it will be time for school again. We took things slow last year, so we need to get a head star this year. We will finish kindergarten by Christmas break, and then start first grade. At least Daughter will. Son will still be in kindergarten, but if you ask him, he will tell you he's in sixth grade. :-)

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