Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Final Update From the Road

August 26, 2010

Today was the first day we have been able to sleep past 6:30 all week! Once we finally got up and about we went to the prayer room at IHOP. I just love being in His presence! It was a great way to spend our morning.

No trip to IHOP is complete without a trip to the bookstore (our check book flinches any time I go near a Christian bookstore!). Son is all decked out with a IHOP T-Shirt and Hat. Daughter got the long coveted IHOP water bottle, "just like Nana."

The rest of our day was spent hanging out with my sister. I was spoiled to have her near for so long, and I miss her so much. It was nice to be with her again.

Our stay is too short, and tomorrow, it's back on the road. I am trying to talk Jody into pushing through and driving the final 18 hours all at once. It's a tall order, yes. We'll see how persuasive I can be.....

August 26, 2010

What a LONG day. 14 total hours in the car with very few, very short stops. We didn't quite make it all the way home, but we're close. Only 4 more hours.

Our car has been so great, but the "driving stick/shifter thingy" decided to go out on us today. We can still drive it, but we don't have park, and we have to start it in neutral. We stopped in in a little town to have it looked at, but the mechanic said to just go on home with it as it is. He was about to close shop, and we would have been stuck over the weekend.

So, we went on, but decided not to push our luck and drive in the dark. We stopped in Canton, Ga. After a bunch of "cheap" hotels we sprang for a nicer hotel with an indoor pool. The kids, who were excellent in the car all day, needed to "release the wiggles."

We all enjoyed a swim and quickly decided not to try and get up early tomorrow, but to sleep in and enjoy to free hot breakfast. We are all so tired....

August 28, 2010

We are here!!!! Finally! We pulled up to our new home at about 1:30. After a quick look around at our new place and new furniture, we wall worked together to unpack the trailer and van. It didn't take long, but us wimpy North Westerners were about to pass out from heat exhaustion! I forgot just how humid it is here, and just how much I HATE humidity.

To celebrate our arrival, we went to our favorite Southern Restaurant, Cracker Barrel. YUMMY!!!! Then a quick trip to Wal Mart for some essentials, and we were back home.

We have already met several of our neighbors. One even brought us cup cakes! We live on a street that is still being developed and there is a large parking lot and field behind us, so the kids have lots of room to play and ride bikes.

Tonight's goal is to just get the best put together and made. Tomorrow, we will paint and start unpacking after our first morning at World Outreach Community Church.

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COME BACK TO KC!!!!!!!!!!!!