Saturday, September 18, 2010

Has it really been a month?

Yes, as of tomorrow, we will have been away from Portland for a month. It sure has gone by quickly.

The first ten days was our trip out here, followed by 3 days in our new home, followed by a six day visit to our SC family and the beach. By the end of it, I was just ready to get back to life as normal and settle into a routine.

Two more weeks have past. All of the boxes are unpacked, pictures hung, and we are officially settled in. We have even had two successful weeks of home school!

Jody is working on transferring his business licenses to NC and SC. We are about halfway through the process. He has advertised anyways, and has already completed two small jobs with another scheduled for Monday. Praise the Lord!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new home. It is just a bit smaller than our old house, but much newer and nicer. The kids have their own rooms (son is not fond of this, but daughter loves it) and I have my own bathroom! (Well, I do have to share with Jody, but I do have my own sink!!)

We could not ask for a better neighborhood, either. It is a very safe and quiet neighborhood---quite a contrast from our SE Portland neighborhood!!

Nearly all of our neighbors are Believers, and there are several families with kids. It took awhile, but the kids have finally made friends, now count down the hours until all their friends will be home from school, so they can go outside and play.

We are beginning to get to know our new church family as well, and have enjoyed several meals with different families in the church.

We live less than a mile from Morning Star Ministries, which means we live ON what used to be the Heritage USA grounds! The Heritage Tower is just a hop, skip, jump away from our front door.

I knew that WOC (World Outreach Center) was located on the old Heritage Property (located about a mile in the opposite direction from us), but I forgot that morning star had also bought several buildings of the old Theme Park.

Sunday, we decided to go to the early service at Morning Star, which is where we discovered this bit of history. Their services are held in in the recently renovated Grand Hotel. The Children's center is on "Main Street". (Which we thought was an actual street at first.)

Later that afternoon, we took a drive and found as many remaining portions of the theme park as we could. It was a very fun and interesting adventure. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, google Heritage USA, and you will learn all about it.)

Now that we are settled in, we are turning our focus back to the reason we are here: to prepare for Africa. Yesterday, we watched a program about Ghana on TV. It made us all homesick for Africa, including the food. :-)

A week from Tuesday we will begin our internship. We are very excited to plunge into learning more about ministering and living cross culturally.

We are also excited to continue to raise funds, and get some help/tips in that area during the internship. God has blesses us, and we are beginning to see things take shape financially for Ghana. We still have a ways to go, but look forward seeing Him provide for us. We serve an awesome and faithful God!

A few prayer requests...

--Kids continued adjustment, and comfort to their hearts when they miss Portland and their family and friends.

--Continued wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and guidance during this season of our lives, and the season to come in Ghana.

--Continued Business/Jobs for Jody. Financial provision for our family.

--Finances for Ghana.

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