Sunday, June 17, 2012


I want to introduce you to Margaret and Hannah.  I want to tell you their story.  I would like to say their story is unique, but the truth is they represent thousands in similar situations.

We met Margaret a few weeks ago when she attended the Passion and Purity class.  She was quiet and sat separate from the rest of the class.  She has a noticeable abnormality in her cheek and bump on her head.  She looked sad, and our hearts went out to her.

We told our friend about her and that we wanted to help, but none of us knew who she was or how to locate her.  Two days ago, our friend ran into Margaret and her mother.  He came back to tell us more about them.

Two years ago, Margaret began to develop a growth on her head.  It was small, and they had made arrangements with the doctor to have it taken care of.  Sadly, her father died before she could have the procedure. 

Her mother was now faced with making sure Margaret and her other children were fed, cared for, and received an education.  (Margaret is the youngest of eight children.  Three are still living at home, the others are grown and married.) Nothing was left over for medical care. 

Yesterday, Hannah and Margaret came to visit us.  They told us their story.  What began as a small growth on Margaret's head has developed into five large growths on her head, face, back, arm, and ankle.  The ones on her head and face often cause her pain and sometimes nose bleeds.

The physical pain is not the only pain. Margaret is shy and embarrassed.  She told us she is often made fun of.  She often comes home crying.  Hannah told us she cries often, too.  "It hurts to see her in pain, and not being able to do anything about it.  I pray for God to help me!"

We asked how much it would cost to have Margaret seen by a doctor, and the growths removed.  Hanna told us she doesn't know now how much it would be.  Two years ago when there was only one and it was small, to remove it was 50 Ghana Cedis. (That's about $30 USD.)

We want to help Margaret.  We want to help Hannah.  God has heard her prayers, and has answered them by setting up this divine appointment.  This week, Margaret will visit the doctor.  The initial visit is 20 Ghana Cedis. ($12USD)  We don't know what tests or procedures she will need or how much they will cost.  We estimate that everything will add up to about $500 USD, possibly less.

We have the chance to change this young woman's life.  Margaret is smart and kind.  She is a good student and wants to study to be a medical doctor.  If you would like to help us help Margaret, please contact us ( for more information, or visit our website ( for instructions on how to give.

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