Sunday, October 5, 2008

Free Clinic

Cecilia had been complaining about a pain in her side, which would happen most often after eating or going to the bathroom. I was pretty certian she had some sort of bladder or kidney infection. What do I do? I can't exactly just take her to the DR.

I checked out free clinics online. Almost all of them were related to WIC or to a school, both of which are inaccessable to someone not in their system. (so much for "free") Somehow, I stumbled upon a clinic called Good News Community Health Center. If you asked me to show you how I found it on the net right now, I couldn't tell you. I know it was God's leading.

I called at 12:30pm to see if she could come in, while I am on my way to pick her up from her hotel in Janzen Beach. The receptionist told me they only take 4 walk in patients a day and that you have to be there by 1pm. And as far as appointments....they are booked for months! Well, knowing that there was NO WAY I could make it by 1pm, I decided to take a chance.

We got there at 1:35pm. I explained the situation, and the DR decided to see her even though they already had their four for the day. What an amazing DR and what an amazing ministry. Everyone was so nice and helpful. They didn't hide the fact that their sole purpose was to love people and share the Good News. They reach out to those in our community who don't have another means of healthcare. They also do lots of classes and education on health and wellness.

I have passed this place (181st and Stark) hundreds of times and never thought twice about the name or what they do. I was really impressed with their ministry, and wanted to get the word out.

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