Monday, October 20, 2008

Why argue with tithing?

I got to admit, my blood is boiling right now. I just deleted a comment from someone I don't know who had made it his mission in life to prove that tithing is not new covenant nor for Christians. He is a "theologian" and from what I gathered from his blog, looks like he has even written a book about it. From glancing at his blog (not gonna waste my time or pollute my mind by reading it in detail) it looks like one of his major proving points why tithing is not for Christians is that tithers have also been affected by the economic problems we are facing. What a load of crap!

For those of you who stumble upon this blog or perhaps don't know me well, I am not one to keep my opinions to myself, and if you are wrong, I have no problem telling you. THIS GUY IS WRONG!!

This is not the first person I have come across that shares this opionion. Amazingly, the first time I ever heard of someone not believing in tithing was right after I graduated from Bible College, and it was a fellow student. I was floored. I didn't even know that the issue was up for debate.

Since that time, I have talked about this issue in depth with fellow alumni, and I have also....get this, what a concept....studied the Bible and what it has to say about tithing. Many of my fellow alumni don't have the same attitude that this guy seemed to have. They are generous, giving people who genuinly love the Lord. Their motive is not to find a way out of giving, as it is with most who object to tithe, but rather . So I have listened to their standpoint. However, I still find too much in the Word that says otherwise.

The arguments are all pretty much the same. Tithing is not mentioned in the NT, and Jesus never says anything about it. Giving is talked about, but not tithing. Tithing was to take care of the priests in the OT. We are now all priests and kings, so why tithe? Tithing is law, and we are no longer under the law. Things like that....

Well, first and foremost, I would always rather err on the side of caution. When speaking with unbelivers who say, what if you are wrong about God, my typical answer is then I am not out anything. On the flip side, if you are wrong, well I hope you like hot weather....

I feel the same way about tithing. If I am wrong, than I am not out anything (except money, and who cares about that). If I am right, which I am, then I get to recieve of the blessings of God.

Tithing is not a mosaic law. First fruits and offerings are mentioned as early as Cain and Able. Giving of 10% is mentioned as early as Abraham.

Jesus came to fulfill the law, not do away with the law. For instanace, he says that not only are you not to commit adultry, but you are not to even lust after a woman, for in so doing you have committed adultry in your heart. Jesus takes the law and takes it one step further. The same holds true to tithing. We are not to stop at 10%, but we are to give generously.

Many that I have spoken to who do not believe in tithing, also believe that any of the OT that is not mentioned in the NT is not applicable to us today. What a load! God's Word is WHOLE, and it ALL applies to us! If you care to study it deeply, including all the "boring" laws, lineage, etc... you will glean something that is applicable to you today. As my mom says, the Word of God is finely woven together from start to finish with the same thread. It all ties together. OT and NT.

Well, I gotta run, it's time for family dinner, and Maudi just fell in the toilet (dont laugh, ok, you can laugh, it is pretty funny...). I know this is not the deepest most thorough exegesis on tithing, perhaps on another day.... but for now, if you find yourself questioning tithing, I say ask yourself two things, first why am I questioning this? what is my heart motive? Then, I ask that you go to the word and study it for yourself. And ask God to search your heart, and to reveal HIS WORD AND WILL on the matter to you, he will.

PS One more quick note....God never takes back His Word. He will always fulfill it. I have never seen a faithful tither that God did not bless, but I have certianly see those who don't go without....

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