Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just an update...

The time is going by so quickly!!! We are now only 82 days away from departure. We are all so excited. In the meantime, there is quite a bit going around here. When we moved into our new home, this past January, we were told that they would be building a house in the "lot" behind ours (aka, the back yard). In actuality, they are turning our home into a glorified duplex. They began construction this last monday. It hasn't been too bad. They start around 7 and are gone by 3. Sure has kept the kids entertained!!

However, because the back yard is completely gone, and our front is too close to the road, we had to make the hard decision to find our dog a new home. We had talked about this with the kids two weeks ago, and so they knew this was a possibility. They were sad, but they understood, and have had a really good attitude about it. To "make it up to them" we took them to the pet store to pick out a new pet. We are now the proud owners of "Elaina the Hamster." The kids are so excited about the hamster! The deal was that Son got to pick out the hamster and Daughter would name it. So, Son keeps saying "I did a good job! I picked a good one!" To which Daughter replied "And I did a good job naming her!"

Beginning Monday, I will start training my replacement at work. We have found the perfect person for the job, so that is great! I have put alot of time, sweat, and tears into this company. However, I know it is time to move on, and I am looking forward to being able to focus fully on the kids schooling, my family, and of course, Africa!!! :-)

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