Saturday, November 8, 2008

60 days and counting...

Before I begin, my sister is home and OK. God works miracles and they were able sew her up and send her home. She doesn't even ahve to be on full time bedrest like first thought. Praise the Lord!!

OK, well we are down to the sixty day mark. We are so excited. I only have 18 more days of work. I am really excited about that.

There are still quite a few things on my ToDo list, but they are getting done. Slower than I would like, but that's OK. Most importantly is getting the kids as ready as we can. We talk alot about it, and read about it and look at things are the internet.

Well, the Christmas season is officially upon us. The halloween stuff is gone from the stores, and the Christmas stuff is up. Malachi is very grateful for this as he is not a fan of halloween stuff. Somehow Thanksgiving always seems to get skipped in the world of retail. Why is that?

As I write this the kids are watching their favorite Christmas movie, Elf. They have been waiting all year, and are so excited that they are dancing around and quoting the movie. This is my favorite time of year, too, and I am looking forward all our family Christmas traditions.

Our second newsletter goes out monday. You can read it here.

Please continue to pray for us. We really need it as the time gets closer. Also, we are still in need of finances, so please keep that in your prayers as well.

I know this has been a random post, and here is one more random thing. We as a family to do not celebrate halloween in the traditional sense, but we do dress up and go to some sort of party each year. This year we went to a carnival at my Aunt's church up in Bellevue, as we were up there for Grandpa's memorial service.

Each year the kids get to pick their costumes. This year Son was Optimus Prime from Transformers. Daughter wanted to be Jasmine, but the Jasmine costume showed her tummy and so she chose not to get that out fit (so proud of her). All of the disney princess costumes were really expensive, so mommy gave her the option of being Hannah Montanah (a wig and t shirt were so much cheaper). She was so excited. She loves Hannah Montanah (even though she's only seen the show once).

So, here are some pictures of my little Hannah Montanah and Optimus Prime.

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